Dream League Soccer 2016 June 26, 2016

dream league soccer

If you have not experienced the amazing feeling that comes with playing Dream League Soccer 2016, then you’re missing out! Soccer as you previously know it has changed. Now you have a chance to build the best team full of superstars from all over the world. You can build your own stadium, sign up real FIFPro licensed players, and take on the rest of the world with Dream League Online, as you lead your team to stardom.

You can recruit top known players such as Mesut Ozil and Diego Costa and build your own dream team from scratch. It’s your team and your players, so choose your perfect style and formation, and bring down any team that blocks your way as you progress through six leagues to the topmost Elite Division. Do you think you can handle that?

Real New Gameplay

Get ready for a whole new addictive and challenging experience with the new smart, tactical AI. With the all-new realistic animations, visuals, and 60fps dynamic gameplay (not for all devices), Dream League Soccer 2016 is just the right soccer package that gives you the closest real experience to the real game.

The Dream League Soccer 2016 places your team to compete against other great teams. Recruit your players, tell them what to do and take to the field of play to show that you’re the greatest of all teams! If you want to rock this game, you can give it a boost with the Dream League Soccer Hack.


  • 6 Divisions to work your way through, and over 7 Cup competitions!
  • Build your very own stadium to showcase your superstars!
  • Customise and import your very own kits!
  • Develop your players with more accuracy and intent
  • Exclusive soundtrack provided by Sunset Sons
  • FIFPro™ licensed players brings the most Dream League Soccer experience to!
  • Freedom to create, customize and control your very own Dream Team!
  • Game Center achievements & leaderboards to see who is the greatest!
  • Optimized for Metal compatible devices
  • ReplayKit support to save and share your moments of glory!
  • Season objectives to keep you engaged and coming back!
  • Sync game progress between devices with iCloud!



Dragon Mania Legends: The Boss Dragons June 21, 2016

Dragon Mania Legends is the second dragon based game by Gameloft. It is easily available from the Apple store for iOS and from Google Play for Android. It is also available for the Windows platform. This is the first dragon game by Gameloft to be introduced for Windows.

The concept of the game is based on building a dragon island. You earn a single dragon in the beginning and you can add more through breeding and buy them from the store. You get to train and battle your dragons in sophisticated levels. The dragons can be bred using different combinations of elements such as the wind, water, energy, metal and more.


Boss Dragons and Potential Breeding Combinations

The boss dragons are a unique feature of Dragon Mania Legends Cheats. You don’t earn a boss dragon by simply buying it; neither can you battle one if you own it. Quite the boss, right? In order to have a boss dragon in your farm, you have to defeat one in a battle. The boss dragon is supposed to lose its will to fight once it has been defeated. The defeated dragon can then be bought from the store in exchange of gems. The presence of boss dragons in your farm increases the ability of other dragons to score coins.

Boss dragons usually roam free in the dragon island but if you are an enthusiast then you can by a Boss Habitat for them.

Until now, there has been no solid way of breeding the boss dragons. Following are five boss dragons and their potential combinations for breeding them.

1.      Mr. Popsicle

Potential Combination: Wind + Water

Mr. Popsicle is a combination of gold plates and sky blue. It is a saurian style dragon. The gold plates are situated along the chest and thighs with a blue gem in the centre of each.

2.      Atlas

Potential Combination: Earth, Water, Energy

Atlas is stout style dragon that gives the appearance as if it has been made out of clay. Four horns protrude out of its rectangular head. Like Mr. Popsicle, it has gold plates in the chest and thigh with blue gems in the centre.

3.      Crankster

Potential Combination: Metal, Wind, Energy

Crankster looks really robotic. It features wings as well. the wings have three titanium beams that protrude out of the main beam. the face of this boss dragon appears to be like a digital monitor.

4.      The Oddest

Potential Combination: Water, Plant

Just like Atlas, the Oddest is also a stout style dragon. The main body gives a look of a watermelon. The Oddest also features thigh and chest gold plates with blue gems in the centre.

5.      Thunder Wolf

Potential Combination: Energy, Metal

Thunder Wolf is a unique stout style dragon. You can see purple and spiky horns coming out of the back of its head. Moreover, Thunder Wolf features tesla coil between a set of discs at its back and tail end.

Perhaps a newer and updated version of the game will allow players to battle the boss dragons. Therefore, it would be an intelligent investment to have them on your dragon island.